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  • What to Write in Your Resume If You Lack Work Experience

    Christine Allen

    A work experience in any given field is not something we are born with, unfortunately. And many, if not all of us either have come across or are yet to come across a dilemma – how to make our resume look good when applying for a first job? What to put in a resume if I haven't got so much work experienceto boast about?

    Lack of working experience is no reason to give in to despair: Everybody has to start from something. You need to always remember that while substantial expertise in the field is definitely a plus, it is not the only thing that the employer looks at when deciding upon whether to recruit a candidate or not. Having little or no working experience does not automatically make you a nobody in the eyes of the recruiter. There are things that are just as important (if not more): your skills, your enthusiasm and zest, your personal traits.