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Technology is connecting people like never before. People are now using their cars to become part-time taxi drivers, renting out their homes to complete strangers and employing people on the other side of the world to lodge tax returns.

The rise of the collaborative economy is transforming the way we live and has already shaken up a handful of industries. It was only a matter of time before the education sector came into its sights and one company set to disrupt this monolith is Nexus Notes.

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How to Land Your Dream Law Internship - Part 2: How to Deal With Disappointment

Derek Bayley

This week, we look at how to deal with the darker side of dream job hunting – dealing with disappointment and learning to build yourself back up. Beyond Law was fortunate enough to interview Derek Bayley – the 2015 Nygh Intern at the Hague Conference on Private International Law. This is the second part in a two-part interview with Derek Bayley – the 2015 Nygh Intern at the Hague Conference on Private International Law.

You can read the first part here.

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How to Land Your Dream Law Internship - Part 1: Converting Your Application into Interview Success

Derek Bayley

The Nygh Internship is one of the most prestigious legal internships in the Australia. It provides the opportunity for an Australian law graduate to work with some of the leading private international law practitioners in the world at the Hague Conference on Private International Law. Presented by The Australian Institute of International Affairs and the Australian Branch of the International Law Association, the Nygh Internship closes 30 September each year, and was showcased on Beyond Law. We were fortunate enough to interview this year’s internship recipient, Derek Bayley.

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Lawyers without Borders: Working in Britain under the Youth Mobility Scheme

Youth Mobility Scheme for Australian Lawyers

University is over and the dust has settled. You are working in a stable job and finally putting to use the law degree that you slaved over during your student years: a haze of caffeine and cortisol. You have a comfortable income and you know your city like the back of your hand. Some of your peers are settling down into predictable careers and serious relationships, but something about that makes you feel trapped. Is this it? Could you really be ready to join them on the well-worn path towards Australian adulthood? Erin Bassett offers insight into life as a young lawyer in London.

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5 Tips to Achieve Success in a Non-Traditional Law Career

Tatiana Stotz

Ever wanted to combine your interest in law with travel outside the traditional corporate law career path? Tatiana Stotz (Juris Doctor with Honours (ANU) & B. International Studies (Syd)) did just that. She turned down a corporate graduate law position to pursue her interests in corporate social responsibility and human rights and now travels the world doing what she loves.

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Law & Human Rights Internships with Projects Abroad - South Africa

Projects Abroad

For law students and graduates alike, an overseas internship can be not only a substantial point of difference but an opportunity to practice their skills in a very different context and environment; in a human rights setting to the benefit of communities with no access to advice or representation.

Projects Abroad arranges a number of overseas legal internship opportunities, from human rights based work to more commercial placements across the emerging and developing world.

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Insider Tips: How to work at the UN

United Nations

Interested in working with the UN or other international organizations (IOs), but wondering how to strengthen your application? Competition is stiff with applicants from across the globe competing for some very attractive positions. So what can you do to get your application into the hands of a hiring manager and ace that interview? Just last month we had the opportunity to meet with HR officials from several UN agencies who shared their insight into the hiring process along with the following application tips.

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Blog: How Law Student Societies are Failing Law Students... and where Beyond Law comes in  

Marie Iskander

When I was in (what I had thought was) my penultimate year of law school a couple of years ago, I fell victim to the hype and pressure surrounding corporate clerkships. Without rehashing all my experiences, which I have detailed elsewhere, I had succumbed to the idea that a corporate career would affirm my value as a law student and may also be a good segue into a career in government and eventually the Bar. After extensive research and consultations with corporate lawyers, the only personal motivation I could find for pursuing a corporate clerkship was the ability to engage in pro bono work and gain litigation experience – skills and opportunities I could easily gain in a small firm or the public sector. So why is it that the discourse around careers in law school are driven by this idea that a clerkship is the most traditional and ideal path to pursue after law school? Why hadn’t my law student society (‘LSS’) informed us of other opportunities? Why had they only hosted “non-corporate careers” presentations after the clerkship hype had quietened down? Indeed, why is the discourse even framed in such a dichotomous way? (i.e. corporate v non-corporate and corporate v alternative careers). 

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