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If you wish to practise at the end of your law degree, you are required to complete an additional course known as a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (GDLP), Practical Legal Training (PLT) or Practical Training Course (PTC) to qualify for admission. Disclaimer: The information on this page may be outdated or incorrect - we recommend you contact the provider directly for the latest correct information.

Compare Australian GDLP and PLT Providers

The following providers below require you to achieve set legal competencies, developed by the Australasian Professional Legal Education Council and the Law Admission Consultative Committee.

On completion of all the components, you are eligible to apply for direct admission into any Australian jurisdiction.

ANU Legal Workshop GDLP

You can complete your Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice (GDLP) with the ANU Legal Workshop.  The ANU GDLP is fully flexible, completed almost entirely online, and can be completed in a little as 6 months (if that is what you would like to do – you have up to 3 years to complete the entire course).

The ANU GDLP comprises 5 elements:

  • Becoming a Practitioner  –  a 4 day face to face intensive course (BAP);
  • Professional Practice Core (PPC) – conducted entirely online;
  • Legal Practice Experience (LPE) – your legal placement;
  • Elective Coursework – various electives offered and are conducted wholly online (except for the Criminal Practice Intensive course which is a 4 day face to face course).
  • Ready for Practice (RFP) – a 3 week online course, completed as the final step in the GDLP journey.

The ANU Legal Workshop also offers students the option after completing the GDLP (which contains the required ‘Admission to Practice’ courses) to continue your study after admission, and graduate with a Master of Legal Practice (MLP).   You only need to complete a further four courses to be eligible to graduate with an MLP.

Becoming a Practitioner (BAP)
BAP is designed as an introduction to the GDLP. This is a compulsory four face-to-face pre-requisite course (held at multiple locations and dates across Australia).  This is the first step in your GDLP journey.

Professional Practice Core (PPC)
The PPC is a 12 week course and is offered three times each year.  You can choose the offering that best suits your needs.  The PPC is completed entirely online.

The PPC incorporates Professionalism in Practice, Property Law Practice, Civil Litigation Practice, Commercial Law Practice, Trust Accounting and Ethics and Professional Responsibility.

Elective Courses
The total number of elective courses you will be required to complete varies depending on the length of your Legal Practice Experience (LPE) placement:

  • If you complete 20 days LPE, you will need to complete 4 electives.
  • If you complete 50 days LPW, you will need to complete 3 electives.
  • If you complete 80 days LPE, you will need to complete 2 electives.

The suite of elective courses offered include:

  • Administrative Law Practice
  • Banking and Finance Practice
  • Criminal Law Practice
  • Family Law Practice
  • Consumer Law Practice
  • Employment & Industrial Relations Practice
  • Planning & Environment Law Practice
  • Wills Probate & Administration Practice
  • Government Law Practice* (*if you undertake the Government Law elective, you must complete at least three electives)

Legal Practice Experience (LPE)
LPE has two components:

  • A 20, 50 or 80 day legal placement completed in an approved workplace; and
  • Reporting on the placement.

Ready for Practice (RFP)
RFP is a 3 week capstone course, conducted online, which will draw together the learning and experience of the GDLP.  Individual, tailored supportive coaching is offered in preparation for a smooth transition to practice.

Cost:  The cost is dependent upon the number of LPE days completed.

For Australian Citizens/Permanent Residents, the costs are as follows:
20 days LPE (4 electives) - $12,009
50 days LPE (3 electives) - $10,862
80 days LPE (2 electives) - $9,715

For Overseas/International Citizens, the costs are as follows:
20 days LPE (4 electives) - $16,201
50 days LPE (3 electives) - $14,698
80 days LPE (2 electives) - $13,194

FEE-HELP eligible for domestic students. Cost does not include MLP course fees.

2015 Cost: $9,252 - $12,528 depending on number of LPE days (up from $7,431 in 2014) for Australian Citizens/Permanent Residents and $12,564 - $16,857 (up from $10,110 in 2014) for Overseas/International Citizens. FEE-HELP eligible for domestic students. Cost does not include Masters course fees.

College of Law PLT

The College of Law’s PLT Program is comprised of three components:

  • Coursework
  • Work Experience
  • Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

From commencement, you have four years to complete all three components.

Cost: $8,560 - $9,850 (up from $8,310 in 2014) for Australian Citizens/Permanent Residents and $12,360 - $13,650 (up from $12,000 in 2014) for Overseas/International Citizens. FEE-HELP eligible for domestic students.

Coursework Component

All courses commence with a week onsite where attendance is compulsory. For full-time online study, this will require 35 hours per week over 15 weeks. For part-time online study, this will require 17 hours per week over 30 weeks.

  • Civil Litigation Practice
  • Commercial and Corporate Practice
  • Property Law Practice
  • Professional Skills
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Trust and Office Accounting

Electives (Pick one from Group 1 and Group 2)

  • Administrative Law Practice (1)
  • Criminal Law Practice (1)
  • Family Law Practice (1)
  • Consumer Law Practice (2)
  • Employment and Industrial Relations Practice (2)
  • Planning and Environmental Law Practice (2)
  • Wills and Estates Practice (2)

Work Experience Component

  • 75 days of work experience; or
  • 25 days of work experience and the Clinical Experience Module (four written papers and a workshop)

CPE Component

  • 10 hours of continuing professional education seminars; and
  • A workbook and journal to be completed during, or within 20 weeks of the end of your Work Experience Component

Leo Cussen Centre for Law


Leo Cussen Centre for Law was established in 1972 and continues to be recognised as a centre of excellence for practical legal training and ongoing professional development for entry-level lawyers through to senior legal practitioners. Our training programs are practical and personalised, highly respected by the legal profession and taught by leading legal professionals.

We offer both onsite (full-time) and online (part-time and full-time) practical training for law graduates seeking admission to the legal profession through our Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, taught from our training facilities in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.  

In 2017, Leo Cussen will also be delivering the online course from Perth’s CBD in Western Australia*.

The courses run for 24 weeks and for our onsite trainees we find professional placements for them. In our online courses (part-time and full-time), trainees predominantly train online with a designated mentor, along with 13 days onsite.  There are two intakes per year, in January and July.  

At Leo Cussen, you will build practical legal skills and gain the confidence to make choices about your career. Our graduates work in a variety of professional environments in Australia and overseas.

Our courses are designed for law graduates seeking to apply for admission to practise law in all Australian jurisdictions.
FEE-HELP is available.

Fees 2017:

  • Onsite Practical Training Course domestic students: $9,950.00 
  • Online Practical Training Course domestic students: $9,500.00 
  • Online Part Time Practical Training Course domestic students: $9,650.00
  • Onsite Overseas Students $14,750.00

* Leo Cussen will be offering the online course in Western Australia in 2017. However, it is still subject to approval by the Legal Practice Board of Western Australia. Our course is regulated and accredited by TEQSA.