Looking to land a clerkship or legal role but unsure what should be included in your cover letter?

Since 2013, Beyond Law has reviewed thousands of cover letters from Australian law students, graduates and young lawyers. We've help land candidates in their dream job in top firms, international organisations and leading employers.

This cover letter template combines the insight from thousands of hours of reviewing cover letters and speaking to recruiters, HR professionals and successful candidates. This easy-to-edit Word document will set you apart from other candidates and help you put your best foot forward. Purchase our cover letter and instantly customise it to your circumstances.

Contents of this Cover Letter

This cover letter contains seven sections with example text that you can easily edit:

  1. Introductory section on why you are the most suitable candidate 
  2. Section on why the organisation appeals to you
  3. Section on how the organisation sets itself apart 
  4. Section on how your experience ties to the organisation
  5. Section on how you will be able to make a meaningful contribution
  6. Section on what stands out to you about the organisation
  7. Concluding section

The template contains 900 words and spans two pages. It is recommended that your final cover letter is one page.

Ideal For:

  • Clerkships or internships
  • Legal roles
  • Non-legal roles in legal organisations
  • Graduate programs 
  • Transition from non-legal role into legal roles

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