Elizabeth Lee ANU

It’s 2015 and it’s a great time to be a lawyer. This week's guest post is by Elizabeth Lee, a lecturer in professional skills, litigation and legal aid clinic at ANU Legal Workshop. Here are her three reasons why it is a great time to be a lawyer.

The legal profession

No matter how “commercialised” the practice of law has become, once you are an admitted solicitor, you are and will always be (unless you do something horribly wrong to get you struck off the roll), a member of the legal profession – and this something you should take on with a huge amount of pride and responsibility.

The world will always need lawyers

I heard the other day that technology has invented a program that can “think” like a lawyer.  Really?  The practice of law will always be uncertain because we deal with human beings; we deal with laws that are made by human beings; and human beings are imperfect.  It is this imperfection that allows us the creativity to find real solutions to real problems for real people.

Skills that cross many professions

Completing your law degree and your professional legal training will teach you skills that are incredibly transferrable – even if you decide not to practise as a lawyer.  Communication, time management, prioritising and dealing with difficult and stressful situations – these are all skills that all employers from all sectors find valuable.

So the next time you read in the paper the panic over too many law graduates and too few legal jobs, smile to yourself and remember that there is nothing quite like being a qualified lawyer to give you the best non-legal opportunities in the world.