The Chantal Paydar Foundation was established to commemorate the life of Chantal Paydar and to continue her life’s calling towards establishing equality in the world. The Foundation emphasizes the importance of establishing and fostering human connections amongst people of different backgrounds through education and multicultural exchange. The Foundation seeks to establish a humanitarian approach towards addressing ethnic, gender and political inequality in the world community.

This grant is intended for undergraduate students who have chosen academic studies related to international relations, peace and conflict resolution. Students of other academic backgrounds will be considered if they can demonstrate how they will apply their studies, as well as this internship, to positively impact our world. We are looking for candidates who demonstrate a commitment to international humanitarian service and working for peace. 

This grant provides one-time funding for airfare or other travel expenses to students pursuing a summer or semester-long internship in Peace, Justice and Conflict Resolution. The internship can count towards course work at their respected universities, but that is not a requirement. The grant is independent of any university and is fully funded by the Chantal Paydar Foundation.

Applications close March 26 2014.


  • Two $1,000 grants to two different grant recipients.
  • Travel grant is an open competition for all Undergraduate Students (US and International Universities and Colleges). 
  • The funds can be used towards a plane ticket and/or other travel expenses. Receipts are required.
  • Students must work for a non governmental organization outside of their country of origin, ideally in a post-conflict or recurring conflict area. The NGO must be registered and provide a letter of intent to host this internship for the applicant.

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